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The Stanton City Park hosts two adult basketball leagues per year; the Summer League and the Winter League . The Summer League typically starts around the first Thursday in June and the Winter League typically starts around the second Thursday in January. Both are 7-team leagues that end with a single-elimination tournament. The leagues are open for anyone to join, but priority registration is given to teams that participated in the previous season. All Summer League games are hosted at the Stanton City Park's Basketball Courts with the Stanton Christian Church serving as a backup location in case of inclement weather. All Winter League games are hosted at the Stanton Christian Church.


The Stanton City Park hosts a summer basketball league for students who are currently enrolled in K-11th grades. This league is designed to facilitate the learning and growth of fundamental skills in the game of basketball. The players are divided in to the following leagues:

  • Developmental League

    • ​Ages: (Kindergarten - 2nd grade)

    • Description: This league will be operated in a camp-format and will include practices for all involved and led by coaches and former players. There will be no individual team divisions at this age, however ample scrimmage or in-game play will be accommodated. 

  • Elementary League

    • ​Ages: (3rd grade- 5th grade)

    • Description: This league is primarily developmental, but will include entry-level competitive play. Each player will be assessed on current skill levels and be placed with an assigned coach. These coaches will then conduct practices designed to work on specific skills deemed necessary by our staff for the associated age. The ultimate goal is to provide players with quality instruction and will emphasize development over competitive play. Depending on the amount of personnel and enrollment some of these practices may include players from two teams.  

  • Middle School League

    • ​Ages: (6th grade- 8th grade)

    • Description: Middle school coaches will be focusing on specific skills deemed necessary by our staff for the associated ages. Middle school competition will be geared towards player development with an increased emphasis on play. Players will be evaluated and placed on teams to promote balance and fair play.

  • High School League

    • ​Ages: (9th grade and up)

    • Description: High school competition will be geared towards development with a large emphasis on gameplay. High school will consist of the most games per season. Practices will be guided by specific skills associated with the age group as determined by our staff and will attempt to provide a positive environment for play and competition. 

   All grades are based on previous years enrollment as 12th graders can transition to the Stanton City Park Adult Basketball League. 



Registering a team for an upcoming league is easy. You simply fill out our registration form and pay the $100 non-refundable deposit. You then have your spot reserved for the upcoming league. It's up to you to assemble a team of players and provide shirts for your team in your assigned color. Each shirt must have a number on it.

Once the league begins, you will have one week to pay the rest of your league payment. If you fail to pay the remaining league fee within the first week, a $50 late fee will be assessed. After two weeks, the fee jumps to $100. If you fail to pay by the third week, your team is suspended. If your team fails to pay for a league, the team captain will be permanently barred from competing in any Stanton City Park league. The deposit is non-refundable and will not be returned.


Online registration for the Youth Basketball will run in the Spring. In-person dates will also be held at the Stanton City Park. The cost for the league is $50. This includes a shirt for their team or league.


If you wish to apply for a scholarship to any of our leagues, you may do so by filling out the Scholarship Application on the Sports Leagues page.


The Stanton City Park handles all game scheduling through our QuickScores site. This also handles our tournament scheduling, new team registration, and scheduling officials.



All communication is handled through the Stanton City Park Basketball League Facebook page. We will be posting registration dates, photos of notable participants in past leagues, and all schedule changes. Like or follow our page to stay up-to-date!


Rules & Regulations

Here is a link to the official rules and regulations for the basketball league. These may be updated from time-to-time to reflect the Parks & Rec boards effort to ensure the leagues are fair and competitive.

Adult League Champions

Since the Summer of 2012, the Stanton City Park Basketball League has produced some exciting games featuring the best talent in the region. Here are are all the championship teams.

Coaches, Referees, and Scorekeepers

At the Stanton City Park, we strive to offer a fun and safe environment for everyone to enjoy. As part of our safety efforts, we perform a criminal record check on anyone who is associated with our sports leagues.


If you are planning on working with one of our leagues this season, please verify your record by filling out the our Sports League Worker Information form.

Request a Refund

If you need to request a refund from money that you have paid to the Stanton City Park (and not to an individual), you can submit an application for a refund. Refund applications can take up to 3 days to process. If approved, a refund check will be issued within 2-4 weeks.

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