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City of Stanton - Technology_Semi-Circle

What We Do

City of Stanton Technology helps maintain digital services utilized by all departments, as well as develop new technologies that can be utilized by other municipalities and organizations. This includes the website, email, point-of-sale systems, etc. 

Email & Messaging

The City of Stanton utilizes Microsoft Office 365 Government for all of their email and messaging needs. The email is hosted through Outlook and Microsoft Teams is used as the messaging platform.

Open Source Projects

As part of our effort to provide the best possible experience for our citizens, we develop some custom applications in-house. These applications are all open-source and are freely available on our GitHub page.

Kiosk Client

A free, simple, easy to use, app that displays important information on the screen. Designed to be used in a kiosk setting, Kiosk Client can render multiple images or webpages in a predefined sequence or in a random order. Kiosk Client can pull its content from publicly accessible sites. The instructions that drive Kiosk Client can also be hosted from any static web hosting source.

We use Kiosk Client at our City Park to display everything from our concession menu and daily specials, to our tournament schedules and score updates.

Kiosk-Client_App Logo.png
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